3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀sensorlab is an interdepartmental laboratory within which carries out research and development related to the internet of things, web of things and smart objects. most solutions are prototyped and tested, and based on obtained results and experience we continuously improve our hardware and software platforms.

3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀the laboratory is supported by several groups from jsi: the  and the .

3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀the covers research and prototyping related to wireless communication protocols, sensor networks, embedded systems and energy efficiency.

3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀the covers research in sensor data management, sensor stream mining and semantic services.


Learn more about , our VESNA based testbed! 

LOG-a-TEC covers a set of diverse testbeds used for research purposes. The testbeds are mostly based on the VESNA hardware platform - developed by SensorLab.

3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀the testbeds currently consist of 70-80 sensor nodes installed outdoors, mostly on light poles and rooftops in different regions of slovenia. they allow remote monitoring, reconfiguration and experimentation. the application area range from environmental monitoring, smarts grids to cognitive radio experimentation.



3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀as part of activities in the the department of communication systems at jsi installed two vesna sne-esther devices in london. sne-eshter is a radio receiver for the uhf band designed at jsi based on the vesna sensor platform. installed devices will be used for advanced spectrum sensing, contributing to the large scale . one device was installed on the roof of a building in the king's college london strand campus and the other on the roof of queen mary university london. long term measurements will be used to support the experimentation with advanced, so called cognitive radio devices, as secondary users in currently unused parts of the spectrum.

Marko Pesko, Miha Smolnikar, Matevz Vucnik, Tomaz Javornik, Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic and Mihael Mohorcic published a paper titled "Smartphone with augmented gateway functionality as opportunistic WSN gateway device" in journal. They described how a Samsung phone connected via Bluetooth to a VESNA sensor node can act as a gateway to a wireless sensor network.

Chapter "Low-cost testbed development and its applications in cognitive radio prototyping" written by our colleagues Toma� Šolc, Carolina Fortuna and Mihael Mohorcic has been published by Springer in the book  "" from the Recent Advances and Visions for the Future series.

jernej and klemen talked with nickola naous about our new vesna sensor node design. read about on the iotmonkey blog.

the entered a continuous . you can test your cognitive radio networking solution on 5 differrent testbed islands and advanced radio components, including our and the vesna sensor network platform.

in cooperation with we are developing a motorhome for the future. adria moving lab is equipped with intelligent sensors that allow the vehicle to adapt to its user. this way we can optimize the use of consumables like fuel and water and exploit renewable sources of energy like solar power. the at the institute jo�ef stefan open days in april 2014.

Our paper "Trends in the development of communication networks: Cognitive networks" is the 10th among the 25th most cited articles published since 2009, extracted from Scopus, see all on the .

Check the "Cognitive radio experimentation with VESNA platform" presentation by Miha Smolnikar at the School on Applications of Open Spectrum and White Spaces Technologies.

We are looking for a C programmers that would join the team developing the VESNA platform. Candidates that have previous experience with electronic circuit design, operating systems or open source projects will have priority.


We are constantly open for talented, open minded and hard working undergraduate students, interns and MSc/PhD candidates. Read more.

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3d太湖钓叟字谜三字诀Carolina Fortuna

Luiz DaSilva

Toma� Šolc

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Mash-up demo.


gsn demo

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